From the Bill Chuck Files April 11, 2017

Nine to Know: From the Bill Chuck Files

  1. The Brewers face the Blue Jays tonight in Toronto. The last time these two teams met at the Rogers Centre was July 2, 2014 when Wily Peralta faced off against J.A. Happ…the same matchup as tonight.
  2. Jonathan Villar has 30 AB this season and has struck out 15 times. Last season, Villar had 589 AB, which means he’s on pace for 294 whiffs (I rounded down, I’m not a monster). On that topic, if strikeouts were hits Byron Buxton would be hitting .538. But strikeouts are not hits and Buxton is hitting .077 going 2-26 with 14 Ks. Last season, strikeouts and hits were the same for Chase Headley who had 118 of each.
  3. The bad news for the Mariners pitchers is that they are tied for MLB lead (with the Padres) allowing 13 home runs. The good news is that 10 of the M’s gopher pitches have come with the bases empty (including nine to lead off an inning).
  4. The Blue Jays have not attempted a stolen base yet this season.
  5. Cardinal relievers have inherited 13 baserunners this season and nine of them have scored. On the other hand, Mets relievers have inherited 15 baserunners and none of them have scored.
  6. Yesterday, Michael Pineda joined Kevin Graveman of the A’s as the only pitchers to have thrown six no-hit innings to start a game this season. Pineda is the only one who was perfect through six this season.
  7. The Red Sox bullpen has only thrown 15.1 innings thus far this season, the fewest in the majors, but they have been eventful: they have a 2-1 record with two saves and one blown save.
  8. There’s something energizing about a pitcher throwing a strikeout to end an inning: thus far this season, Cubs pitchers have tossed 28 two-out strikeouts while the Orioles have only eight.
  9. The Nationals have already allowed three leadoff batters in an inning to reach as the result of an error; 18 teams have committed zero errors for leadoff batters.