From the Bill Chuck Files of April 10

After a year of penance for a professional mis-direction, is back for a year of pennants.

The best news is that the site will be home for two Bills for the price of one: The Bill Chuck Files will be joined by the genius work of Bill Arnold’s Beyond the Box Score.

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Nine to Know – April 10, 2017

  1. The Diamondbacks are the only team thus far without a sac fly or a sac bunt.
  2. When getting 10+ hits a game this season, Arizona is 5-0, Atlanta is 0-3.
  3. The Phillies and the Royals are the only teams in the majors without an error.
  4. The Cardinals, Braves, White Sox, and Astros starters have not yet allowed a run in the 1st inning; the Nationals starters have permitted 14.
  5. The Royals, Pirates, Twins, Red Sox, Reds, and Diamondbacks have yet to score a 1st inning run. Despite that, the Diamondbacks lead the majors scoring 48 runs.
  6. The Mariners’ clean-up batters are hitting .080; going 2-15 with a double and two RBI.
  7. The Mets batters leading off an inning are hitting .096; going 5-52 with a pair of homers.
  8. Padres catchers are now 0-23 on the season with two walks and eight whiffs.
  9. The most popular count for home runs thus far this season? 1-1 and 2-2 – 27 home runs each.