From the Bill Chuck Files of April 24, 2017

Nine to Know: 04/24/17

  1. The White Sox, and Orioles are the only teams who have not received the automatic IBB.
  2. Of the first 26 walkoff RBI this season in the majors, they were achieved by 26 different batters off 26 different pitchers.
  3. In his first 18 games with the Indians, Edwin Encarnacion struck out at once in eight of them and twice in nine of them.
  4. More runs have been scored in the 1st inning than any other (305), yet the Giants and Angels have only been able to contribute four runs apiece.
  5. In the Nationals first 13 wins, Bryce Harper has driven home 20 runs and hit .543. In the Nats’ first five losses, Harper has gone 1-19, a single (.053).
  6. In Trevor Story’s first 35 AB on the road this season, he whiffed 18 times and hit .171. In Story’s first 30 AB at home, he has hit .167.
  7. Anibal Sanchez has allowed five homers in five starts; four were three-run blasts and one was good for two runs. Of the 17 runs he’s allowed this season 14 were as a result of homers
  8. The Orioles great closer Zach Britton is on the shelf with forearm soreness, when he returns he will still have a 71-game streak of not allowing a home run. The last gopher ball he threw was on April 11, 2016 to Mookie Betts.
  9. Of all the players who have debuted this season my favorite named is Rookie Davis, the Reds pitcher who will probably have to change his name next year.