Not particularly deep thoughts: Nine to Know

Nothing Deep

Think of these as just something to ponder as you enjoy the day of baseball.

Nine to Know – From the Bill Chuck Files

  1. Not that it matters, but Trevor Rosenthal has been in the majors for five seasons and in each of the five his W-L pct. has been under .500; for his career he is 8-20 (.286).
  2. Edwin Encarnacion, each season from 2012-16, is the only player in baseball who hit 30+ homers but did not score a hundred runs.
  3. Over the last five seasons, three pitchers have faced over 600 batters in full-count situations: James Shields (631), Yovani Gallardo (622), and Gio Gonzalez (601).
  4. Matt Wieters will very shortly join Bernie Castro and Luis Matos as the only players who have played exclusively in their careers for the Orioles and Nationals.
  5. The White Sox top-pitching prospect Lucas Giolito is the grandson of the late actor Warren Frost (Susan’s father on Seinfeld and Twin Peaks regular) who died in February.
  6. There have been 63 Japanese-born players who played in at least one game in the majors, starting with Masanori Murakami in 1964. The Cincinnati Reds still have never had a Japanese-born player.
  7. Doug Fister faced 779 batters last season with allowing a sac bunt; Felix Hernandez faced 655 batters without permitting a sac fly.
  8. Baltimore’s Brad Brach was 10-4 last season. In those 10 wins he had an ERA of 0.77, the lowest of any pitcher last year with at least 10 wins; Cole Hamels was next with an ERA of 0.85 in his 15 wins.
  9. Since 2000, Jimmy Rollins and Adrian Beltre are the only players with at least one steal each of the last 17 seasons. Rollins is jobless and Beltre is on the DL.