Brett Gardner as a power hitter feels relatively rare as he simply isn’t the type of hitter you would expect to hit a three-run go-ahead homer in 9th with two down and two strikes. But he did it yesterday for the Yankees at Wrigley leading to a 3-2 New York victory over the Cubs.

It was eventful enough such that I did a little research.

Nine to Know: Brett Gardner Homers

  1. Gardner now has hit 68 HR in his career
  2. He has now hit 28 go-ahead homers and 28 two-out homers
  3. He now has hit 8 homers in the 9th inning
  4. This was his second three-run go-ahead homer of his career, but the first in the 9th inning – The other go-ahead homer was when the Yankees were tied 2-2 against the Angels in the bottom of the 5th on 6/7/15
  5. This was his 23rd road homer and his second at Wrigley Field (6/19/11) vs. Randy Wells, one of five homers he’s hit leading off a game. It was third three-run homer on the road, but first since May of 2015.
  6. While he has had two walkoffs, his other five 9th inning homers were insignificant because the Yankees were either far ahead or far behind including the two he hit with a runner on base
  7. This was his 10th career homer with two runners on base and his second of the season (4/29 vs. Ubaldo Jimenez).
  8. He has hit two grand slams – 7/3/2010 vs. Toronto – the next day he hit an inside the park homer vs. Toronto (the second of two in his career). The second slam was vs Bartolo Colon and the Mets 5/12/14
  9. This was his fifth homer of the season making it the earliest he’s ever hit five. Last season he hit his fifth on May 18 in Arizona off Shelby Miller, which had been his earliest.