1. Major league teams are averaging 1.26 HR per game and 8.24 strikeouts per game, both the highest in MLB history.
  2. Free agent to-be Jake Arrieta has an active streak of 13 straight starts of allowing six-hits or less, but has only gone 6-4 with a 3.20 over that stretch.
  3. Overall Pat Valaika’s overall .261 BA doesn’t seem to make him a key to the Rockies success this year, but it’s his .382 BA with 3 HR and 11 RBI as a pinch-hitter that makes him so valuable.
  4. The major league ERA in 2014 was 3.74; in 2015, 3.96; in 2016, 4.19; and this season, 4.36.
  5. MLB experimented with 1-minute 45-second breaks between innings of Tuesday’s Rockies/Cardinals game rather than the usual 2:05 for locally televised games. The 3-2 game lasted 3:11, six minutes longer than an average 9-inning game.
  6. Mike Napoli has 22 HR, but his BA has not been above .209 this season.
  7. Only six players in baseball history have 500+ steals, 100+ HR and 100+ triples: Lou Brock, Ty Cobb, Tim Raines, Kenny Lofton, Paul Molitor, and Jose Reyes.
  8. 2008 was the last time the currently 3rd place Cardinals finished in a spot lower than first or second in the NL Central.
  9. Message to John Farrell: On August 20, 1964, the Yankees were 69-50 (.580) in third place. After a loss that day, manager Yogi Berra exploded on the team bus over Phil Linz and his harmonica playing. From that point on, the Yanks went 30-13 (.698) and to the World Series