The great Jerry Howarth calls it a career

In case you missed it…

Jerry Howarth is retiring as the radio voice of the Toronto Blue Jays. Jerry has been one of the greats in the booth and is retiring now because of ill health.

Jerry is one of the nicest people I have met in my years of writing. Always generous, always encouraging and I doubt that I would have persisted writing had it not been for the support of people like Jerry. And, he is a great baseball announcer.  There never was an extended time when you turned on the game when you didn’t know the score or what had happened in the game. He was fan’s announcer; never a homer yet always providing a Blue Jays perspective with a strong and accurate assessment of what was going on so that his listeners could appreciate the game all the more. He remains a model for so many young announcers, a number of whom he has mentored over the years

Since Jerry Howarth joined the Blue Jays radio booth in 1986, the Jays went 2618-2500 in the regular season. And since he became the lead announcer in 2005, the Jays went 1065-1041.

I just want to thank him and wish him good health and happiness for many years to come.

Here’s a terrific salute to Jerry from Edward Keenan of

Here’s Jerry sharing some of his favorite memories