Nine to Know: From the Bill Chuck Files

Markakis, Manny, Mookie, Tyler(s), and more…

  1. In the 2018 regular season, no batter had more PA with runners on base than Nick Markakis who had 362 PA and hit .325; Manny Machado was next with 341 PA, and he hit .303.
  2. The slowest pitcher in 2018 was Justin Verlander at 27.0 seconds in between pitches; next was David Price at 26.9 seconds.
  3. Seattle reliever Edwin Diaz established his presence upon his arrival in games by striking out an MLB-leading 34 of the 73 first batters he faced. On the other hand, Emilio Pagan and Kenley Jansen each allowed homers to six first-batters.
  4. The MLB average for qualified hitters with two outs in the regular season was .254, which really makes 2018 MVPs Mookie Betts’ .382 and Christian Yelich’s .370 really impressive.
  5. The Mets, Rays and Diamondbacks have never had a player win an MVP Award.
  6. The Bucs/Rays’ Tyler Glasnow led all relievers with 12 wild pitches in 2018.
  7. Only three pitchers with at least 30 starts each season have compiled an ERA over 4.00 each of the last two years: Tanner Roark, Jose Quintana, and Rick Porcello.
  8. Tyler Chatwood had an ERA of 3.87 in 2016, 4.69 in 2017, and 5.30 in 2018. Oh, and in 2016 he walked 70; in 2017, he walked 77; and in 2018, he walked 95 all while pitching fewer innings each season.
  9. Two outs and runners in scoring position, who do you want on the mound? I’m opting for Blake Snell who in 2018 had a BAA of .058 (3-52).