Did You Know?

A compendium of interesting, albeit not life altering, baseball notes

The Orioles’ Chris Davis is one hit away from his first hit of the season. Davis is 0-17 with 11 strikeouts.

The Marlins got rid of their centerfield sculpture but added Comunidad 305, a section in the right-field grandstand where fans are encouraged to wave flags and play musical instruments.

Quick Quiz: Name the four MLB teams that have had five 90+ win seasons since 2010. Answer below.

The Cubs are off to a 1-5 start for the first time since 2012 when they finished 61-101. In 1997, they started 0-6 and finished 68-94

Bob Gibson Way” is the name of a new street named after the great Bob Gibson in St. Louis in ceremonies orchestrated by the Cardinals and Park Central Development in Rainbow Park at the intersection of Taylor and Gibson avenues. I would have presumed it would be at the intersection of High and Tight Avenues.

Speaking of Gibby, Jacob deGrom has now made 26 straight quality starts and that ties him with Bob Gibson for the longest streak in MLB history. And these are truly starts of quality. Over that stretch he has an ERA of 1.55 and a WHIP of 0.87. He has struck out 237 of the 708 batters he’s faced and allowed just 128 hits (.193 BAA) and 8 homers (four to righties and four to lefties).

The Angels’ lease at Angel Stadium expires after next season, and the team is considering whether to remain in Anaheim or move to a new ballpark in Long Beach, California. I don’t care if they move, I just want them to change their name again, just to drive everyone batty (pun intended).

On April 26, 2018, the Tampa Bay Rays defeated the Red Sox 4-3 to drop Boston to a 19-6 record. As of today, the Sox are 2-6 with no signs of a 17-game winning streak to match last season’s record after 25 games

Clarence Haskett has been serving fans beer at Baltimore Orioles games for 45 years. And now he has a beer named for him.  Haskett, better known by his nickname “Fancy Clancy” is the inspiration behind Fancy Clancy Pilsner available on tap at Escutcheon Brewery in Winchester, Virginia and in some bars, mostly around the Baltimore area.

Happy 81st birthday to Ron Hansen, who on July 30, 1968, while playing short for the Washington Senators pulled off an unassisted triple play against the Cleveland Indians. Treat yourself to something special if you knew the ball was hit by Joe Azcue.

In seven games this season, the Astros have scored 15 runs.

In their first eight games, the Blue Jays have already been no-hit through six innings four times.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, the Dodgers are suing a promotions company after they claim they were stiffed out of 42,000 Lasorda bobbleheads.  The Dodgers says it entered into an agreement with Plan P2 Promotions to make thousands of “100% hand-painted, break-resistant poly-resin” Lasorda dolls but they claim the company never delivered the Tommy goods … and now, the MLB organization is suing for $175,000 for breaking the terms of the contract.

To infinity and beyond – Trevor Rosenthal, the Nationals reliever new to the team this season, has appeared in three games thus far. He’s faced seven batters and the good news is that he’s walked three of them. The bad news is that the other four have all gotten hits. The worse news is that all seven have scored, which means Trevor has an ERA of infinity.

Quick Quiz answer: Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees and the Rays