Nine to Know: Most Homers in first 377 Career Games

Joey Gallo is quickest in the AL

Joey Gallo hit his 100th homer for the Texas Rangers and in the process he overtook Mark McGwire as quickest player to reach 100 homers in American League history. It took McGwire 393 games to hit a hundred

Two NLers receached triple digits faster than Gallo: Ryan Howard who hit a hundred in his first 325 MLB games and Ralph Kiner who reached 100 in game #376.

Gallo is also second all-time in the number of strikeouts is his first 377 games. Gallo has whiffed 524 times topped only by Miguel Sano‘s 577.

Gallo also uniquely holds another distinction in that he is the only player in baseball history with 100+ homers and less than 100 singles; Gallo has 93 one-baggers.

Gallo is a lifetime .210 hitter making him the first 100-home run hitter amongst batters who hit .210 or less. Mike Zunino could overtake Gallo. Zunino is lifetime .208 batter and has hit 96 homers.

Nine to Know: Most Homers in first 377 career games

Player PA AB HR Tm
Ryan Howard 463 400 116 PHI
Joey Gallo 392 333 100 TEX
Ralph Kiner 357 306 100 PIT
Mark McGwire 387 349 98 OAK
Bob Horner 368 340 98 ATL
Chuck Klein 421 381 97 PHI
Joe DiMaggio 415 384 97 NYY
Ryan Braun 394 364 96 MIL
Giancarlo Stanton 384 346 93 FLA,MIA

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