The Bill Chuck Files of May 12, 2019

Each Sunday, in remembrance of my friend Nick Cafardo, I post “the Bill Chuck Files” (named by Nick in his Sunday Baseball Notes column)

I’m thinking right now that the Red Sox MVP this season is hitting .222 with a homer and five RBI. Okay, perhaps that reinforces your perception of me as an inane writer but if you think about the fact that Boston was 6-11 (.353) prior to Kein’s call-up from the minors and since his first game on April 16, Boston is 15-8 (.652) perhaps I’m an inane genius. The Sox pitchers prior to Leon’s arrival had a 5.33 ERA and a 1.41 WHIP. Since April 16, They have a 3.27 ERA and a 1.20 WHIP.

From 1985 to 1994, Charlie Hough led the majors with 127 losses. That feels like nothing compared to Donald Trump’s $1.17 billion in losses for the decade.

Max Fried is getting a lot of press as a young potential ace for the Atlanta Braves, but let’s not forget about Mike Soroka who has made five starts for the Braves this season and allowed just one run in four of them and none in the fifth.

QUICK QUIZ – The wonderful Veep sadly ends it run on HBO tonight. The hit show first aired on April 22, 2012, what batter had the most hits during the run of Veep? (answer below)

The American League is hitting an average of .245 which makes Stephen Piscotty our average AL player of the week.

Last season, the Orioles set a franchise record using 30 different pitchers. I’ve checked this a couple of times, but the O’s have already used 26 different pitchers this season. Oh, and 22 of them have allowed at least one homer (27 different Oriole pitchers allowed at least one homer last season).

Joc Pederson has 25 hits this season: 12 homers, two triples, one doubles, 10 singles, good for 66 total bases.

Television’s “Big Bang Theory” debuted on September 24, 2007 and will be ending shortly. Baseball’s big banger since the show’s debut has been The Machine, Albert Pujols who has slammed 360 homers including two on Saturday.

Yesterday, Albert Pujols picked up his 59th multi-homer game of his career. Albert is three multi-homer games behind Alex Rodriguez and Hank Aaron who each had 62 and sit in sixth place all-time. The Sultan of Swat, Babe Ruth had 72 multi-homer games, the most of any batter.

I was just thinking that if John Sterling were the Yankees broadcaster during the 1920’s, he would have come up with “The Bambino” following a Babe Ruth home run call.

Felix Hernandez is in the twilight of his career and yesterday picked up his 2500th strikeout. But as we remember how great Albert Pujols, let’s not forget that for a time Felix was King. Here’s one stat to know: the batter he has struck out the most, 27 times, is Mike Trout. Trout has more strikeouts against Hernandez than any other pitcher.

Last season, Jay Bruce hit nine homers in 94 games for the Mets; he has 12 homers in 35 games so far this season for the Mariners.

I remain wary: Paul Goldschmidt on pitches 91-94 mph is hitting .433 (13-30). Okay, nothing to be wary about except on pitches 94-97 mph, Goldy is hitting .158 (6-38) and 97-100 mph, he’s 1-7. Meaning on pitches 94+ mph, he’s hitting .155. Overall, he’s hitting .290 against starters and .224 against relievers.

See you soon – Chad Green who struggled out of the Yankees bullpen with a 16.43 ERA, seems to have gotten things straightened out down at Triple A. He has a 2.43 ERA and a 0.955 WHIP. In 7.1 IP, he has walked two and struck out 14.

Since 1908, the Cubs have had 66 games in which a player drew four or more walks. They had one last season when, last May, Kyle Schwarber walked four times against the Reds. And they now have one this year as Saturday Kyle Schwarber walked four times against the Brewers.

QUICK QUIZ ANSWERJose Altuve has had 1376 hits since Veep debuted. Robinson Cano is second with 1228