The Bill Chuck Files of June 2, 2019

Each Sunday, in remembrance of my friend Nick Cafardo, I post “the Bill Chuck Files” (named by Nick in his Sunday Baseball Notes column)

Hard to believe that at the start of play on June 2, that three 2018 postseason teams: the Indians, the Athletics, and the world champion Red Sox all wake up with identical 29-29 records.

Kyle Schwarber is 4-38 with runners in scoring position, that a .105 BA.

Home runs are flying out of the park in record numbers and the Marlins have 40 in 56 games. In the first 56 games in 2008, the Fish hit 81 homers.

Lou Gehrig died on this date in 1941.

Dodgers starters have a cumulative record of 28-8; Blue Jays starters are 10-26.

Diamondback relievers have inherited 88 baserunners and allowed just 13 to score, an MLB best IRS rate of just 15%. Nationals relievers have inherited 93 runners and allowed 40 to score a taxing 40% IRS rate.

The Dodgers lead the majors with 41 defensive runs saved, the Mariners have the worst rate with -45. That’s why the Dodgers are where they are and the Mariners are where they are.

The Orioles will lose more games than any team will win. Discuss.

Through 57 Yankees games last season, Giancarlo Stanton had 13 homers () this year), Didi Gregorius had 11 homers (0 this year), and Aaron Judge had 166 homers (5 this year). Luke Voit‘s 14 homers this year (0 last year), Clint Frazier‘s 10 homers this year (0 last year), and DJ LeMahieu‘s 6 homers this year (0 last year) have ameliorated what could have been an ugly season.

Ken Griffey Jr. announced his retirement on this date in 2010.

For the Red Sox, it’s not that big a deal that Jackie Bradley Jr. is hitting .190 this season, after all he was only hitting .200 last year through 58 games. What matters a lot is that this year Mookie Betts is hitting .286 and was hitting .359 through 58 games last season.

Javier Baez and Trey Mancini each have 67 hits, 17 doubles, and one triple.

The lack of netting from foul line to foul line is so stupid and short sighted, it’s as if the policy was devised by the Trump White House.

The Mets lead the majors with 19 different players with homers; the Yankees are next with 17.

On hitters counts (2-0, 3-0, 2-1, 3-1, 1-0), Jon Lester has a .405 BAA. On pitchers counts (0-1, 0-2, 1-2, 2-2), lester holds batters to a .214 batting average.

Adam Eaton has hit .288 for the Nationals in his three seasons and 175 games with the team. He has 12 homers since he was acquired from the White Sox in December of 2016 for three players. One of the players is Lucas Giolito who is now 8-1 with a 2.54 ERA and a 0.95 WHIP and a 1.86 WHIP. Giolito had a 6.13 ERA last season.

Paul Goldschmidt is hitting .324 against fastballs. But what a difference a mile makes: on pitches 93 to 94 mph, Goldy is hitting ,667 (6-9) but on pitches 94-95 mph, Goldschmidt is hitting .231 (3-13) and 94-97 mph, he’s hitting .188 (6-32)