The Home Run Update for September 16, 2019

Baseball’s embarrassing Brady Anderson Season continues

There have now been a record 6291 homers hit this season.

There have now been a record 3228 homers hit in the American League this season.

There have now been a record 3063 homers hit in the National League this season.

There have now been 527 different homer hitters this season; the record is 536 set way back in 2018.

There are a record 260 players who have hit 10+ homers this season.

There are 115 players with 20+ homers this season; the record is 117 set in prehistoric 2017.

There are now a record number of 30+ homer hitters this season. The 48 tops the 47 who did it in 2000 season, when the players were juiced, not the ball.

This season, there are only seven players with 40+ homers: Pete Alonso / Nolan Arenado / Cody Bellinger / Jorge Soler / Eugenio Suarez / Mike Trout / Christian Yelich. This is still far from the original Brady Anderson season in 1996 when 17 players hit over 40 homers: Brady Anderson / Albert Belle / Barry Bonds / Jay Buhner / Ellis Burks / Ken Caminiti / Vinny Castilla / Andres Galarraga / Juan Gonzalez / Ken Griffey Jr. / Todd Hundley / Mark McGwire / Gary Sheffield / Sammy Sosa / Frank Thomas / Greg Vaughn / Mo Vaughn.

The Twins lead the Yankees 287 to 286 for the record for most homers hit in a season. The old record was 267 set by the Yankees last season.

The Dodgers have hit 261 home runs this season, a new NL record.

The Dodgers lead the majors with 136 homers hit at home this season, far from the Texas Rangers record of 153 set in 2005.

The Twins lead the Yankees 160 to 155 for the record for most homers hit on the road in a season. The old record was 138 set by the Giants in 2001 (36 were hit by Barry B*nds, 102 by the rest of the team).

Christian Yelich leads the majors with 29 bases-empty homers.

Nolan Arenado leads the majors with 21 homers with men on base,

Josh Donaldson, Rougned Odor, and Pete Alonso lead the majors with three-run homers,

25 players have two grand slams this season.

The Cubs set a new franchise record with 242 home runs hit this season, smashing the old record of 235 hit in 2004. The Cubs are the sixth team this season to establish a franchise record for home runs.

Not home run related

If some team in baseball wants to do something that will get them some great publicity – sign Lew Ford to two-week contract. Here’s why.

And finally…

The fine folks at Axios remind us that 19 years ago today, Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa became the second player in MLB history to hit 50+ home runs in 3 straight seasons, joining Mark McGwire, who was on the opposing team. I might add, it was an embarrassment then and it’s an embarrassment now. When I look at records like that I turn a blind eye, kinda like Bud Selig did during all those years.