The Bill Chuck Files of October 20, 2019

Each Sunday, in remembrance of my friend Nick Cafardo, I post “the Bill Chuck Files” (named by Nick in his Sunday Baseball Notes column)

The great irony of Game 6 of the ALCS is that the managers had to sweat all their decisions leading up to the end of the game so they could set things ups for their closers. As they breathed a sigh of relief (pun intended), Roberto Osuna and then Aroldis Chapman, blew the game up.

The Nationals in innings 1-2-3 scored 296 runs. The Nationals in innings 7-8-9-extras scored 296 runs.

This postseason, the Yankees were 5-0 with Giancarlo Stanton in the game and 0-4 when he sat.

The Nationals stole 116 bases and were caught 29 times. The Cardinals stole 116 bases and were caught 29 times.

The Nationals (nee the Expos) retired uniform #10 in honor of Rusty Staub; the Astros should do the same for one of their first great stars.

The first postseason walkoff homer in a deciding World Series or LCS game was hit by second baseman Bill Mazeroski of the Pirates against the Yankees in 1960. The latest postseason walkoff homer in a deciding World Series or LCS game was hit by second baseman Jose Altuve of the Astros against the Yankees in 2019.

During the regular season, the Yankees batters had a chase rate of 27.7%. In Game 1 against Houston, their chase rate was 32.6%; in Game 2, it was 40.0%; in Game 3, 25.0%; in Game 4, it was 26.1%; in Game 5, it was 55.8%; and in Game 6, it was 21.6%

You need to hit many homers with not so many strikeouts:

The Astros struck out the fewest times in the majors, the Nationals had the fourth-fewest whiffs.

  Homers Strikeouts
Astros 288 1166
Nationals 231 1308

In the 1st innings this regular season, Justin Verlander had a 3.18 ERA, in all his other innings combined, his ERA was 2.48. In the 1st innings this postseason, Verlander has a 15.75 ERA, in all his other innings combined, his ERA is 1.33.

In the 1st innings this regular season, Rick Porcello had a 6.32 ERA, in all his other innings combined, his ERA was 5.35.

The 2015 World Champion Kansas City Royals had a 3.73 ERA. Since then, in 2016, their ERA was 4.21; in 2017, it was 4.61; in 2018; it was 4.94; and in 2019, it was 5.20.

Washington went 5-1 against the Astros in Florida during Spring Training this year. 

Every World Series game will start after 8 pm East Coast time meaning the young fans don’t get to see the ends of games and the median age demographic that watches the games hope to wake up from mid-game naps to see the ends of games.

Exposing my immaturity, talking about the 1933 Washington Senators enables me to type the words “Heinie Manush,” who was the Senators left fielder. Heinie’s brother Frank Manush also briefly played in the majors, but his name is nowhere near as fun.

On a starter’s first pitch of the 1st inning, Ronald Acuna Jr. hit .429 (9-21) with an MLB leading four homers. Jeff McNeil hit .522 with an MLB-leading 12 hits in 23 AB with three homers and four doubles.

The Astros led the majors with 89 Quality Starts this season, the Nationals were next with 87.

Trivia Question: Casey Stengel, Yogi Berra, and Joe Torre are three of four who managed both the Yankees and Mets, will Joe Girardi or Buck Showalter join that list? Who is the fourth Yankees/Mets manager I didn’t mention?

Here’s how your team has done the last third (54 games) of the last two regular seasons combined:

Team W L Win%
HOU 74 34 .685
OAK 71 37 .657
TB 71 37 .657
LAD 70 39 .642
MIL 68 41 .624
STL 66 42 .611
NYY 66 42 .611
NYM 65 43 .602
ATL 64 44 .593
WSH 63 45 .583
MIN 63 45 .583
CLE 62 46 .574
CHC 60 49 .550
BOS 58 50 .537
ARI 54 54 .500
COL 54 55 .495
TOR 50 58 .463
CWS 49 58 .458
SEA 49 59 .454
PIT 48 59 .449
TEX 45 63 .417
SD 44 64 .407
PHI 44 64 .407
LAA 43 65 .398
CIN 43 65 .398

You need the heart of the lineup (3-4-5) to make an impact

The Nationals and Astros had the highest OPS, batting average, and slugging pct. in the majors for their 3-4-5 batters

Astros 113 .299 .379 .556 .935
Nationals 107 .296 .382 .543 .925

At your bequest: The Astros starters bequeathed the fewest baserunners this season with 139, only 37 scored, also the fewest in the majors. The Nationals starters bequeathed the sixth fewest baserunners this season with 200, but 37 scored, the sixth most in the majors.

Wild Card teams that have won the World Series: Florida Marlins in 1997, Anaheim Angels in 2002, the Marlins in 2003, Boston Red Sox in 2004, St. Louis Cardinals in 2011, San Francisco Giants in 2014.

Trivia Answer: Dallas Green

Born on this date: longtime Yankee Stadium announcer and Voice of God Bob Sheppard in 1910 and Hall of Famers Mickey Mantle, in 1931, Juan Marichal, in 1937 (he’s 82), and Tom Petty, in 1950.